PAT Testing

Quick, convenient PAT testing

Fulfil your legal obligation to get all portable electrical appliances tested with minimal disruption to your work activities. Our experienced electricians get in, test and get out as quickly and efficiently as possible to let your employees get back to work.

An affordable solution

We offer your business a cost effective PAT testing service. We provide commercial electrical services to companies across Lincolnshire and can provide competitive quotes on any requirements that you have. Contact us to book your PAT inspections.

What are my PAT obligations?

Legislation in the UK requires that all electrical equipment that could cause an injury to your employees or visitors be well maintained to keep it in a safe condition.

Regular PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) inspections give you the peace of mind that your electrical equipment is working well and is free of faults.

Are your electricals efficient?

PAT inspections will tell you if your appliances are safe, but it won’t tell you if they are wasting energy (and money!), our experienced electricians can.

Contact us for advice and services such as installation of extra sockets, office rewiring and lighting improvements to make your company more energy efficient.

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